Welcome to ProWay Livestock Equipment

ProWay Livestock Equipment's aim is simple, to design and build cattleyards, sheepyards and livestock handling products that make livestock handling more efficient and safer for our clients.

By designing cattleyards and sheepyards that utilise natural stock movements and instincts, ProWay Livestock Equipment provides a safer and less stressful working environment for both livestock and operator. Although efficient manufacturing is important at ProWay Livestock Equipment our aim is not to mass produce panels. It is to build cattle yards, sheep yards and livestock handling products to suit our clients site and operations.

Benefits of Working With Proway

Custom Design Sheepyards and Cattleyards

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Site Assessment & Computer Aided Design Service

Design and construction of sheepyards and cattleyards is an important issue. Well-constructed stockyards will last a lifetime.

Well-designed sheepyards and cattleyards will make your livestock operation more profitable for the following reasons:

  • Less labour is required to efficiently handle stock.
  • Good sheep yards and cattle yards encourage timely husbandry viable (it may pay to regularly weigh stock to allow management and targeting for specific markets).
  • Less stress and bruising on stock.

So it is important to get your sheepyards or cattleyards right.